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Polar bear kisses by FenrisxWolf Polar bear kisses by FenrisxWolf
‘Past icy breath of frozen winds,
through snowflakes, cast on winter’s wings.
High on waves of crashing frost,
the liquid ice, where warmth is lost.
Over mountains booming, white with snow,
their glistening forms in moonbeam’s glow.
Beautiful pallet, so shockingly white,
under night sky and stars so bright.
Where the thing I love most, beyond here, is this…
the love that is held, in your sweet, sweet kiss’.

Oh how I love my boyfriend ;u; Beyond all stars and the reaching glow of the moon. I dedicate this piece to you, my love ~

It doesn’t happen often when I can say that I'm truly proud of what I've done, and I think it's fitting that it should finally happen with something that's so true to my life and so important to me :3
I came up with this idea when thinking about recent endearments from my beloved, and the sweet little affection’s he gives me when we rub our noses together in what we've dubbed from the universal ‘Eskimo kisses’, to our own ‘polar bear kisses’. I found it such a lovely little concept that I decided to do something special with it, and so forever capture exactly how I feel when he holds me close and nuzzles me <3

So, I dedicate this to my wonderful Lewis; my biggest inspiration and truest love that I shall ever hold in the burning centre of my heart <3

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Given 2013-09-03
The suggester said: Polar bear kisses by ~FenrisxWolf is such a beautiful piece! ( Suggested by Llykos and Featured by Astralseed )
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August 21, 2013
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