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November 5, 2013
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Rowtag reference 2013 by FenrisxWolf Rowtag reference 2013 by FenrisxWolf

.Name - Rowtag

.Gender - Male

.Species - Hyrrandi (Fire Spirit)


Appearance -

.Fur colour - Browns/Orange/White/Black/(Luminous Blue)

.Eye colour - Icy Blue

.Pad colour - Black

.Claw colour - Ivory


Markings -


.Blue gem on forehead

.Body stripes


Abilities -


.Stripes glow luminous blue when using magic

.Eyes glow blue/pupils disappear when using powerful magic/feeling intense emotions

.Can manipulate elements - Control Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Wood and Metal

.Can use magic, and cast spells, helped by his own abilities and connections with the element of fire


Personality -


.Rowtag is an compassionate, strong and wise being. With his great size and build, he can seem very intimidating at first meet, especially with his nature to be weary around strangers. He doesn’t easily open his heart to another, only letting them in when he feels he can fully trust that other. However, at heart Rowtag is a gentle and kind being. He is fiercely protective of those he loves, and would put himself in danger in order to protect them without hesitation.

.With family and friendship at the center of his soul, Rowtag is sociable, and loves to be amongst friends. He is easy to get along with, yet also likes time to be alone and wander in his own company.

.Mature, clear-headed, and intelligent, Rowtag is a great thinker, speaker and listener. He enjoys conversation, especially about shared interests and discussion on music, art and the natural world.

.With a powerful magic flowing through his veins, Rowtag has always had a great fascination with the magical and enchanted. He believes deeply in the essences of magic and nature that live side by side; winding as roots to the tree of the world.

.As a natural strategist, with excellent hunting, fighting and survival skills, Rowtag has a perfect balance that makes it easy for him to survive on his own - no matter the situation; though he would rather live amongst friends.

.Though he may look large and fierce, Rowtag is a gentle giant at heart; who loves tranquillity and peace. However, he is extremely skilled in combat - taught from a young age fighting styles of ancient magic and power, and does very well in a fight. If any occasion called for it, he would engage in battle without fear, and even kill to protect a loved one.

.He has very little tolerance for bullying, and will use his size and strength to overcome even a large gang to defend the vulnerable.

.With a good eye for detail and true workmanship, Rowtag loves to collect objects made from nature and magic throughout all the 10 realms. He enjoys studying great craftsmanship, as well as making his own art and literature himself. He has a true gift of inventive and creative imagination.


Likes -


.Spending precious time with his loved ones (especially his mate Fenrís)

.Taking walks through the forest (particularly past streams and waterfalls)

.Having time to be on his own

.Listening to Fenrís sing

.Stormy weather


.The smell of deep forests

.Chasing storms

.Swimming in the sea

.Collecting well made, decorative objects

.Taking time to bask in nature’s beauty and greatness

.Perfecting his abilities (especially combat and magic)

.Listening to music through magic

.Helping those in need


Dislikes -




.Others breaking their promises

.Time wasters

.Watching his loved ones suffer and not being able to help them


.Being alone too long

.Unnecessary violence

.Being judged before others get to know him

.Bullies who pick on things smaller and more vulnerable than themselves

.Selfishness and attention seekers





Well here he is ^^ Fenris' mate, and my boyfriend's awesome character, Rowtag, designed lovingly my me ;)

Rowtag © Me & Lewis

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CaptainCookieTails 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this character design is absolutely stunning
FenrisxWolf 2 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks so much ^^
CaptainCookieTails 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you have no idea like my god this character is so gorgeous I can't even get over it! ((i'm a sucker for tigers)) xD you have an amazing talent! keep up the great work :3
FenrisxWolf 2 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow thanks you're too kind! :hug:
CaptainCookieTails 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're quite welcome :D
wow this is incredible amazing wonderful work!!!:clap:
FenrisxWolf Dec 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Aww thankies :D
thanks you also for sharing such breahtaking works! Merry Christmas by the way:D
FenrisxWolf Dec 24, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Aww thankies so much :glomp: Happy christmas to you!
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